Aurora, Illinois [September 1986]

During the summer of 1986, while I was working for
Bell Labs in Naperville, the "train bug", which had
been dormant since 1981, suddenly returned with
a vengeance. Armed with a new Contax 159, I
spent a Sunday afternoon in Aurora, home of the
BN Chicago commute fleet, in September 1986.

BN E9Au 9900, son of Zephyr, strikes a stately
A sea of E9s and Gallery Cars.
A flock of bulldog noses awaits the morning call.
A shy 9905 hides behind the old Aurora platforms.
Even on Sunday, the "dinkies" still run.
While I did not know it at the time, this is a dead
line of SD45s, soon to be retired. Their premature
departure was the product of high diesel fuel prices
and their highly inefficient 20 cylinder prime mover.
A pair of brand new EMD GP50s, sporting the
similarly new tiger stripe paint scheme, rocket a
train of auto carriers along the Burlington Triple
Track Speedway. Here and gone in a fleeting
moment, as was my renewed interest in shooting
photos of trains, which would not return for
another 11 years.

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