Bear Creek Canyon, Montana [August 1998]

Java, Montana is a five mile hike up the road from Essex. Early in the morning, the section gang prepares for a day of ballast tamping and track alignment.

Work at Java pauses as the Empire Builder gracefully glides into the morning sun.
A work train full of ballast hoppers shoves by the work site, led by a caboose (with operational backup whistle), and pushed by a BN SD40-2 and two W&P GP38-2s. The unit on the rear appears to be working hard.
An all-new, all-BNSF train of covered hoppers passes through the work zone at Java East.

An Eastbound double stack train crosses US Highway 2 at Java East, entering Glacier National Park.

Another stack train, this one with units from SF, BN, and BNSF.

A pair of helper locomotives, returning westward from the summit of Marias Pass.

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