The Empire Builder [December 2000]

The Empire Builder operates daily over the BNSF from Chicago to Seattle, mostly via former Great Northern rails. Nicknamed for the founder of the GN, James J. Hill, The Builder traverses three beautiful western mountain ranges -- the Rockies and Salish of Montana, and the Cascades of Washington. The timetable is scheduled for maximum scenic effect, with the mountain passages either in early morning or late evening. On-time performance of the train is substantially better than any other long distance train in the Amtrak system, a tribute to good dispatching.
Mount Index is the western gateway to Stevens Pass in the Cascades. The westbound Empire Builder passes early in the winter morning, at sunrise.
A little more than an hour after passing Mount Index, the Empire Builder passes Interbay roundhouse just before arriving at the final destination of King Street Station in Seattle.

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