Flathead River Canyon [May 2005]

On the Friday morning prior to the Essexpress Weekend, John Vitaska and I went scouting for some new photo locations along the Flathead River. Just north of Moccasin Creek, John pauses while an eastbound manifest roars past.
The following day, we stopped at Pinnacle, and hiked along the mainline until we found a spot with better views into Glacier Park. The first train to come along was this eastbound manifest, lead by a pair of former BN SD40-2s.
A short time later, the manifest is followed by a stack train with some unusual head end power. The second unit is a rare SD40-2 rebuild, complete with an SD45 radiator section.
The stack train roars past, with Glacier Park in the background.
Our next location was Dickey Creek, where we found an all-BN SD40-2 powered stack train, straight out of the 1980s.
Late in the day, an eastbound led by a set of BNSF C44s crosses Dickey Creek.
The following morning, we caught a very late Empire Builder at the same location.
At the final location of the day, a westbound grain train crosses the trestle at Crystal Creek, with the Cloudcroft peaks in the distance.

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