Muir, California [September 1998]

Muir is the eastern end of Franklin Canyon, on the BNSF Stockton Subdivision. Westbound from Martinez, exiting Tunnel 1, the tracks pass the former site of Muir Station, named for local resident and famous ecologist John Muir. The line then crosses the Alhambra Creek on a spectacular high steel trestle, and burrows underneath Mount Wanda into Tunnel 2.

Muir Trestle looms over Alhambra Creek. As seen from Mt. Wanda, with San Pablo Bay in the background.
Looking down on the trestle from atop the Mt. Wanda, the M-BARRIC passes through. Two noxious plants, poision oak and sticky monkey flower, are native to this area. I've had run-ins with both at this location.
Another view of the trestle, this time from the east end.
A view of the 011 local heading west to Richmond, in the late afternoon. Tunnel 2 is behind the bushes, and is only sunlit for a few weeks in early summer, early in the morning.
Three months later, the overcast broke, and a westbound stack train crosses the trestle in the sunlight.
Also in December 1998, the M-BARRIC arrives at Muir on a bright, sunny afternoon.

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