North Bay, California [March 2002]

It's a nice, sunny day in March 2002, after several weeks of overcast skies. After driving through a fogbank at the Bay Bridge, the sunshine of the East Bay was a welcome sight. Time for an afternoon of railfanning the Easy Way, at Pinole Point Regional Park.

First to arrive on the BNSF side of the park was this eastbound baretable.
A short time later, the parade of westbounds on the Stockton Subdivision begins with this westbound, another baretable. These nonrevenue moves are an indicator of the poor state of the economy.
Over on the UP's Cal-P line, an Amtrak Capitol hustles its way towards San Jose.
After Amtrak clears, a yard switcher from Ozol drifts down the line to a location just in front of the park, known on the former SP as Atlas. One of UP's MOW hi-rail vehicles is mired in the bay muck. In the high drama of the day, the switch crew chains on to the truck, and applying considerably less than the rated 1500 horsepower, drags the hirailer to dry land.
As dusk approaches, the Z-CLONBY arrives, and begins to switch the piggybacks into the UPS North Bay warehousing facility.

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