Pittsburg, California [October 2000]

Pittsburg is a town of heavy industry (steel and power generation) on Suisun Bay. The large former US Steel plant (now POSCO steel products) produces steel products from coils brought in from Chicago via the BNSF. Just east of Pittsburg is Port Chicago, a former naval magazine, and also a location along the former Sacramento Northern.

An eastbound San Joaquin barrels past the former ATSF depot in Pittsburg. The depot is now used by MOW crews. You can still see where the operator sat in the bay, and pole for the train order signal still stands. With a little imagination, one can still envision the San Francisco Chief on its way to Chicago.
The 011 Local switches the POSCO plant, behind a wall of trees. At night, the local ties up at the depot.
A westbound San Joaquin coasts towards the CTC interlocking at Port Chicago, where it will creep onto the former SP Mococo line.

[October 2000]