Seattle, Washington [October 2002]

In October 2002, I took the Empire Builder from Seattle to Essex. On the return leg, I was upgraded to a Deluxe Sleeper room, my first time in such posh accommodations. Nice enough, but I can't imagine why people pay 4x the price just to have a private toilet/shower, and in any event, found the combined toilet/shower to be a little wierd. But I had a good trip, and as always, the Builder arrived on time in Seattle.

A few minutes after arriving in Seattle, the Builder has been unloaded, and awaits a signal for its move to the coachyard. The baggage car was custom painted for Amtrak's Adirondak service, but for some reason has wandered out west.
On the shed tracks, one of the Amtrak Cascades awaits the call. On the point is Amtrak 90340, a former locomotive. The diesel "prime mover" has been removed, and the cavernous engine compartment has been modified to carry baggage. The cab controls remain, however, and are used to control the locomotive on the other end of the train while in "push mode".
On another track at King Street Station, we find an F59PH belonging to Sound Transit, the local commuter railroad, as well as Silver Lariat a former CB&Q California Zephyr dome observation car.

[October 2000]