San Carlos, California [June 2001]

The town of San Carlos is best known by railfans for its unique stone depot of Richardson Romanesque design. Recently, a major grade separation project was completed through San Carlos (as well as nearby Belmont). The track elevation provides some interesting photo angles for the trains along the Caltrain main.
One of two remaining freight trains on the Peninsula is the Mission Bay Local, which passes southbound through San Carlos at about 7:30pm, returning northbound around midnight. During the summer months, it's possible to photograph the local in the sunset hours as it trails behind Caltrain commutes. Here, a former Southern Pacific GP40 leads the local as it approaches San Carlos.
The local passes alongside the new elevated platform. In the background is the San Carlos depot, home to the Depot Cafe, a railfan favorite.
On the elevation just south of the San Carlos depot, a northbound Caltrain commute glides into the sunset.

[June 2001]