The Coast Starlight [May 2004]

In May of 2004, I'd finally accumulated enough Amtrak Rewards points for a round trip to Essex from the San Francisco Bay Area. This would be a first for me, since I had only taken the Coast Starlight as far north as Chemult, and I was looking forward to seeing the Cascades in the daytime. While we arrived in Klamath Falls largely on time, eventually UP's dispatching clenched defeat from the jaws of victory, and we were transferred to a bus in Eugene, in order to make our connection with the Empire Builder in Portland.
Arriving in the morning in Klamath Falls, Oregon, I stepped off of the sleeper Delaware, while the attendant gets some fresh air.
Outside of the sleeper Wisconsin, other first class passengers stretch their legs.
On the Klamath Falls platform, photography is a popular pastime.
After departing K-Falls, we glide through the farmland of southern Oregon, with mountains in the distance.
Into the Cascades, we come to Root Beer Falls, where the mineral-laden creek waters bubble along the tracks.
Lunchtime arrives, so we head to the diner. Fresh flowers still adorn the tables, with the beautiful Cascade scenery adding to the experience.
At Eugene, we are forced from the Starlight on to a bus bound for Portland. The Eugene depot is undergoing restoration, as part of Oregon's commitment to rail transit.

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