Bear Creek Canyon, Montana [May 2004]

Early May is another ideal time for railroad photography in Marias Pass. Most of the snow on Highway 2 is gone, greenery is popping up everywhere, yet a bit of snow remains, accenting the mountains against cloudy skies.
At Java, a pair of Essex-based helpers coasts down Walton Hill for another assignment.
Over on the east side of the pass, an eastbound stack train coasts downhill into Bison siding.
A short time later, a westbound stack train thunders up the hill on the main at Bison.
The following day, we pick up the chase of the eastbound Empire Builder at Summit.
Coasting down the hill, the Builder passes along the southern shore of Lake Lubec.
No trip to Marias Pass would be complete without a picture of Montana's most-photographed barn. And oh yes, the Empire Builder crosses Two Medicine Bridge in the background.

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