Bear Creek Canyon, Montana [October 2004]

A solid set of SD40-2s leads an eastbound stack train downhill into the siding at Bison, under stormy autumn skies.
The extended platforms of the well cars frame the mountains of Marias Pass.
A short time later, a westbound grain train thunders uphill on the main.
The C44s roar by in Run 8, into the storm.
A pair of unmanned, radio controlled helpers brings up the rear of the grain train.
The following day, we begin a chase of the Empire Builder at Java Creek Trestle.
Having crested Marias Pass, the Builder coasts through Bison.
...and rolls downhill towards the clearer skies of eastern Montana.
Approaching Glacier Park Station, the Empire Builder crosses Midvale Creek Trestle. A few months later, strong winds blew several containers from a stack train here, forcing BNSF to install an ugly wind fence on the north side of the structure.

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