Chemult, Oregon [July 2001]

A northbound BNSF merchant freight pulls through the junction switch at Chemult, and approaches the wye at the end of the small yard and MOW facility.
The freight grinds by, into the pine forests and rocky volcanic terrain of southern Oregon.
Tacked on to the end of the merchant freight is set of Sounder commuter coaches. Return of the Oregon Trunk Mixed Freight?
Back at the junction, a UP northbound manifest flies through Chemult at track speed.
Near the end of the day, a southbound BNSF freight rolls into the junction. The conductor will need to dismount and realign the siding switch before proceeding through the junction.
With the conductor aboard again, and clearance received, the freight throttles up...
...and roars past, on its way to the Inside Gateway and points south.

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