Chemult, Oregon [October 2000]

Chemult is a small resort town in the volcanic Crater Lake region of southern Oregon. It's also the place where the Great Northern's California extension meets the Southern Pacific's Cascade line. Rather than maintain separate trackage, the Great Northern negotiated trackage rights on the SP in the 1920s, as far south as Klamath Falls.

A southbound Union Pacific intermodal freight shoots under the signal bridge at the junction. The lead unit is a reminder that this is still Southern Pacific territory.
Next, an all UP consist leads a merchant freight southbound. Note the large number of cars filled with Oregon lumber products.
The sole BNSF train of the day is a northbound merchant freight, creeping slowly through the power switch at the junction.
A Chicago and Northwestern C44 rolls under the bridge with another merchant freight. The Northwestern, always a classy outfit, created one of the best looking paint schemes for the C44, which will sadly disappear under Armor Yellow.
At the end of the merchant freight was this string of BN boxcars. Burlington Northern puchased thousands of new boxcars during the 1970s, mostly to be used for paper and other forest products.

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