Essex, Montana [December 2002]

Time once again for my annual December trip to Essex. After completing the "business" portion of the trip, I had a little time left over to do some train chasing.

Up in Northwest Montana, early morning December light is pretty marginal, but the snow helps out by providing contrast. Shot from the Goat Lick, the eastbound Empire Builder rolls over Sheep's Creek Trestle.
Meanwhile, back at Essex, a work train crew is called to switch the yard and prepare a plow train. Here, the conductor and an MOW foreman cooperate to thow a stubborn yard lead switch.
Awaiting the call, dozers BN 972504 and recently rebuilt BNSF 940006 sit on the wye tail track, with mist-shrouded Scalplock Mountain in the background.
A 3/4 rear view of the rebuilt dozer. Changes include all-weather windows, removal of the rear icicle breaker, and removal of the pneumatic trainline.
At the end of the trip, driving back to Glacier Park International, a short stop was made at the Moccassin Creek boating access. A westbound stack train rumbles over the creek.

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