Essex, Montana [December 2003]

A brief hike through the snow brings us to the western end of Shed 12. BNSF 4986 tugs an eastbound vehicle train up Walton Hill.
BNSF 4450 coasts down the hill with a westbound.
Sounding like a hive of angry bees, the GE C44-9Ws buzz by in full dynamic braking.
Essex "work power" usually consists of a pair of late model Geeps, usually GP38-2s or GP39 rebuilds. To date, BNSF "Heritage" paint hasn't touched these units.
The following day, temperatures plunged back down into single digits. Snow runoff turned to ice, making driving conditions treacherous on US 2, and forming a sheet of ice on the side of snow dozer BN 972504. Now that's cold!

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