Essex, Montana [May 2004]

This year's Essexpress Weekend focused largely on the equipment in the Essex rail yard, and included a tour of the snow dozer and Jordan Spreader. After the tours, we were left to chase trains along the Pass...

On the wye, three pieces of snowfighting equipment -- two GN-built dozers and a large bladed Jordan Spreader, bask in the summer sun.
The Jordan Spreader strikes an heroic pose.
BNSF 7048, in her third decade, leads a manifest freight through the Essex yard.
A former Santa Fe C44 leads an eastbound stack train through the curve just east of town.
A short time later, one of the Essex helper shuttles back down the hill for another assignment. While it's early in May, the mountiantops in Glacier Park are still covered with snow.
Late in the afternoon, a set of C44s thunders up the hill with a Z-train. Cascade Green is distrubingly absent in Essex...
Just down the road at the Goat Lick, an eastbound crosses Sheeps Creek Trestle.

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