Fargo, North Dakota [December 2001]

At Christmastime 2001, Fargo was cold, windy and overcast. Not the best conditions to be outside, let alone photographing trains.

Figuring on getting a shot of one of the many coal drags through town, I set up near the former NP depot, shown here. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was underdressed for the weather, and was skunked before my fingers started to freeze up. The old depot, unused since the advent of Amtrak, is now a senior center.
Not wanting to get skunked again, I headed over to my "Old Reliable", Moorhead Junction. I had just enough time to exit the truck, grab this shot of a westbound empty coal train, then dash back into the cab to warm up.
After a few cycles of trackside-cold, truck cab-warm, this grab-bag manifest freight (with Conrail power, no less) banged across the diamonds, under the high, windy cirrus clouds of the Dakota winter.

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