Fargo, North Dakota [December 1999]

An unusual Winter dawn at the Fargo Terminal's
Dilworth Yard. Note the almost complete lack of
snow on this December morning. The yard itself is
nearly empty, as the grain harvest ended months ago.
The morning Fargo Yard job departs lite from
Dilworth Yard hosts an intermodal terminal, as well
as an automotive delivery facility. The latter is being
switched today by a former NP/BN SW1200,
looking resplendant in new Heritage 1 paint at the
spry old age of 42.
The switch job snags one of BN's windowless vans
from the caboose track.
Meanwhile, further west in Dilworth, BNSF SW1000
3605 draws a car from an inbound consist...
...and kicks!
At the far eastern edge of Dilworth Yard, an eastbound
manifest passes the Northern Grain Elevator, a "prarie
skyscraper" visible for miles across the Red River flats.
The skies darken with an impending snowstorm, and
another manifest rolls by. Note the "Kodachrome"
Santa Fe C30-7 operating as the second unit.
At one time, Fargo was a three railroad town -- GN, NP,
and the Milwaukee Road. With the Milwaukee
abandonment and the BN merger, Fargo lost much of its
variety. However, the sale of the ex-GN secondary main
created the Ottertail Valley Railroad, now owned by
RailAmerica. On this day, four RailAmerica units (two
GP9s and two GP18s) belonging to OTVR and the
Minnesota Northern, wait at Ottertail Valley Junction
for their transit to Fargo Yard, there to pick up a unit
coal train for the power plant in Hoot Lake.

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