Flathead River Canyon [December 2001]

In early December, I was able to chase Amtrak 8, the Empire Builder, along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, starting at Belton. In the summertime, this is a pretty simple proposition, as US Highway 2 through the canyon is broad, straight, and dry. In the winter, and in the middle of a blizzard, however, one must strike a better balance between the desire to get a particular shot, and the desire to stay on the road. For each of these shots, I had less than thirty seconds to dash out of the car, get into position, compose, and shoot, and then dash back to the car for a slippery chase at far less than the posted speed limit.

Two hours late, the eastbound Builder glides through the snow and across the western gateway to Glacier National Park.
The Builder arrives at Belton / West Glacier, where it will pause briefly to pick up some backpackers. Time to dash through the snow to the car!
Several minutes later, the Empire Builder breezes through Red Eagle, and under Highway 2.
The Builder slices through a blanket of freshly fallen snow as it passes Dickey Creek on the way into Essex.

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