Flathead River Canyon [May 2002]

This was what Belton (West Glacier) looked like for most of the day. Yes, that's right, no trains! Still, a very pretty and relaxing place to be.
Backtracking in the late evening, the scanner suddenly pops to life. Freight trains may have vanished today, but the Empire Builder is the "Old Faithful" of Marias Pass. Here, the Builder thunders over Moccasin Creek.
At dusk, the Empire Builder pulls into Belton, and stops to take on several passengers. Even outside of the Glacier Park season, there's plenty of passengers along the High Line.
The head end power, a pair of GE P42s, burble as the conductor entrains the passengers.
As the last few moments of twilight slip by, a westbound stack train crawls along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.

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