Collier, California [March 2001]

Spring arrives, and it's time for another trip to Franklin Canyon. Some exploration reveals easy access to a hill overlooking the east switch at Collier. Just watch out for the cattle ticks!
Looking like the world's most underpowered Z train, the 011 local is hauling trailers from North Bay to Christie.
The 011 holds the main for a meet. As the brakeman dismounts and throws the east siding switch, the Z-CLONBY drifts down the grade.
Headlight extinguished, the Z train pulls into the siding.
Once in the hole, the brakeman lines the switch for the main, and the local creeps up the hill.
The afternoon vehicle train follows the 011 up the hill.
With the 011 tucked away at Christie, and the passage of the vehicle train, a westbound stack train ambles down the hill at west switch Collier.
The stack train creeps along into the sunset, ending another day in Franklin Canyon.

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