Portland Union Station, Oregon [February 2001]

Many American cities have lost their large, ornate railroad stations in recent years. These structures, the architectural masterpieces of their day, were also expensive to heat, and often located on prime commercial property. As a result, the railroads quickly demolished them after exiting the passenger business. The city of Portland is fortunate in that Union Station was municipally owned. As a result, it survived the purge of depots, and was restored as part of a recent downtown rennovation. It now hosts an increasing number of long distance and regional commuter trains.

On a chilly Pacific Northwest morning, Union Station awakens, urging Portland to "Go by Train".
Only two of Union Station's track sheds remain to shelter patrons from stormy skies. An Amtrak Cascade Talgo train prepares to head north to Seattle.
Just before the Cascade Talgo departs, a Union Pacific yard transfer rumbles through Union Station, on a stormy morning in Portland.

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