The San Joaquins / Capitol Corridor [July 2002]

The Amtrak California Capitols operate between San Jose and Sacramento, over the former SP Cal-P line. In July of 2002, I took my visiting parents and my wife to the California State Railroad Museum, which is short five minute walk from the Sacramento Amtrak station.

Amtrak California F59PHI 2009 leads a Capitol Corridor train from Sacramento into the Emeryville Station.
Our motive power to Sacramento was Amtrak 505, a P32. These angular locomotives were Amtrak's first major purchase from GE since the early 1970s, and eventually led to the development of the "Genesis" P42s which power most long distance trains.
A low angle rear shot of Amtrak 505.
Also in the consist was the Yahoo! wrap car. On board, Yahoo and Compaq have provided wireless Internet access using Compaq's IPAQ Pocket PCs.

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