Glen Frazer, California [May 1999]

When the winter rains finally cease in April, the right-of-way cleanup usually begins. Large quantities of muck slide down the hillside at Glen Frazer, sometimes covering the tracks. A major cleanup and drainage project was finished in May of 1999.

After the Slot Machine is parked away on the Glen Frazer spur, the afternoon parade of westbounds begins. ATSF 828 West throttles up.
The pig train roars by, headed for Tunnel 3.
During RailFair '99, the NRHS, Amtrak, and BNSF sponsored an excursion between Sacramento and Richmond over the Stockton Sub. The excursion ran over six hours off schedule, and came as a suprise to the MOW crew working at Glen Frazer. The San Francisco Chief lives again for a brief moment.

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