Glen Frazer, California [September 1998]

Glen Frazer is at the western end of a deep, boxy ravine in Franklin Canyon. Here, the line curves south, and tunnels under the Franklin Ridge for over a mile before emerging at Christie. The former site of a depot and siding, Glen Frazer now only sports a short, stubby spur for MOW setouts.

This was my first shot at Glen Frazer, taken from McHarry Ranch Road. This is my favorite spot, but I had much to learn about timing sunlight in deep canyons, so the lighting left something to be desired.
That afternoon, again looking the wrong way, the eastbound vehicle train shows up under cloudy skies.
The vehicle train roars by the spur switch and derail.
Some research into sun angle calculations paid off handsomely the following week. Lesson learned: Always figure out where the sun will be, and when.

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